HIGH LEVEL THROWING - players will work basic throwing mechanics using isolation and resistance drills to develop the feel and strength needed to execute proper throwing motion before progressing to more dynamic game-type throws.


  • Strengthen and stabilize the hips, trunk, upper back and shoulder complex

  • Throwing progressions that promote proper arm path, arm shape and hip-trunk relationship 

  • Progress to long toss, following the Jaeger Sports Long Toss Protocol to increase arm strength and endurance  

FIELDING FUNDAMENTALS - training will emphasize developing solid fundamentals and a feel for the movements, reads and rhythm of defensive play

  • Fielding position for routine plays

  • Approach angles and reading hops 

  • Efficient transfers and ball handling

  • Infield throws from multiple arm slots 

  • Position specific footwork around the bag, feeds, turns and tags


  • Fielding fundamentals for ground balls and fly balls 

  • Efficient catch-throw transfers 

  • Drop steps, pursuit angles, shuffle throws, crow hop



  • Setup and technique

  • Blocking and receiving

  • Throwing mechanics

  • Fielding bunts

  • Tags and force plays

Skill Sets