Skills Session Rates
  • The methods and level of instruction will vary based on age, experience and skill level
  • Sessions incorporate resistance bands, med balls and other training aids to develop the strength, balance, coordination and feel needed to properly execute specific skills 
  • Private and semi-private sessions are one hour
  • Blast Motion swing metrics and video option available for private sessions only
  • Private Lesson F.A.Q.                                                
SESSION(S)       PRIVATE           GROUP                       
        1                  $55             $50/player        
        5                 $250           $45/player                                 
       10                $450           $40/player
Group Skills & Performance Package
TURN 2 and Next Level Performance have partnered to offer skills and performance programs in a deeply discounted package structured to maximize skill development and overall athleticism. This Package offers a complete and well-balanced schedule of weekly baseball/softball-specific skills and general strength, speed and agility training that takes the guesswork out of preparing to make next season your best season. 
For groups of 2-6 only. 
24 Total
(12 Performance + 12 Skills)
 (only $25/session) 
For more information about Next Level Performance, check out the video below or visit Next Level Performance’s site:

   Session Cancellation Policy

Any scheduled lesson may be cancelled without penalty if done so at least 3 hours in advance of the scheduled time. 
If a member of a group misses a scheduled training session, the session will still be counted against the absent member’s total sessions. 
No Show Policy

Failing to show for a session without notifying TURN 2 prior to the scheduled time will automatically be charged as a session and, if applicable, counted against the total number of sessions included in a package. 

Contact Information

It is important to have a current phone number and email address for you.  All changes made to any scheduled sessions will be communicated using this information.